Terms and Conditions


The rental space fee is GHC 3000 per event. This entitles you to use the Patty’s Events forecourt and two private rooms adjacent to each other for the time slotted. It also includes the use of toilet facilities and one cleaner. A stand-by generator is available at an extra cost. All events must end by 10pm and rental items must be cleared the same day.


To book the Patty’s Events rental space, a booking form must be completed. Once it’s received you must sign an agreement for the terms and usage of our premises.


To hold your spot an amount of GHC 1,500 is charged and it is nonrefundable if you decide not to use our premises again. Clients may choose to change a date for an administration fee of GHC 100. The remaining balance of GHC 1,500 must be paid two (2) weeks before the date of the event. If an event is booked two weeks to the event date, we shall collect the full amount of the cost. However, if an event is cancelled after booking, clients would be refunded money which is paid over the non-refundable deposit of GHC 1,500. In rare cases where an event is cancelled by us due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund is remitted.


Set up may begin at 6am on the day of the event.


A refundable deposit of GHC 700 will be paid in addition to the rental amount. This will be detained against any damages and consequence for non- elimination of event items i.e. décor, accessories, draperies, chairs, tables. No drilling of holes or usage of damaging materials such as nails hard glue should be used. Also, if all event items are not removed on the same day, full deposit of the GHC 700 would not be refunded.


As and always, we are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles and their content left in the car park. Clients are responsible for keeping events under control and for the conduct of their guests.


We will not tolerate violent or unruly behavior whiles on our premises and persons with such conduct may be removed from our compound.


If client requires our services of full event planning, 60% of total amount is collected once an agreement has been made to contract us. 30% is paid two weeks to event and 10% is paid a day before the event.


All payments must be made to Patty’s Events Centre.


In view of the promotion and referral bonus, it is valid for a limited time only. Patty’s reserves the right to modify or cancel them at any time.


If you do not fall within the first one hundred people to register for the course, you will not receive the face mask, head gear and hand sanitizer.


Non students get a referral bonus of GHC 50 and registered students get a referral bonus of GHC 100.


If your referral does not register for the course you are not entitled to receive your bonus.


The course costs a total of GHC 1,500 which can be paid in full or paid in two sections of GHC 750 each. Once you have registered and paid for the course or section, it is not refundable.


The referral bonus is limited to one bonus per referral.


If you would like to receive your certificate by mail, you would be responsible for shipping and handling charges.


Promotion package is only valid in Accra.


Referral bonus is valid in Ghana and any other African country with mobile money transfer.


Due to Covid 19, in class courses have been suspended until further notice. However, in class courses incur a cost of GHC 100 for registration forms and a deposit of GHC 900 two weeks before the course begins and GHC 900 on beginning of course making a total cost of GHC 1,800.


The in-class courses are offered three sessions in a day for three hours per session and runs for 5 days. It starts from 8am and ends at 7pm at night. The class size is limited to 20. Snacks and drinks are served the last day of class and certificates are presented on that day.


On line course is an asynchronous course and can be taken at the student’s own pace.


There is no final exam for this course but students must complete quizzes, assignments and exercises to be considered for graduation.


Course material and content are copyright and must not be used without the prior consent of Patty’s Events