What services do you provide?

We have a rental space for your events which includes one private room for your guests and a room for storing drinks and other food stuffs. We also rent out wedding couple seats and provide event planning services.

Can I bring my own private planner?

Yes, you can bring your own private event planner including caterers, décor, DJ, MC and the like, although we also have a list of reliable vendors you can work with. We will just provide you with the event space and the stand by generator.

How much does it cost to rent your space?

It costs GHC 3,000 cedis. If you would like the extra VIP room and Kitchen room, those are GHC 300 Cedis each. The cost of the wedding couple seats and event planning service are separate.

What type of events have you planned before?

We have planned weddings, corporate parties and NGO events.

What is the online course about?

The online course is about planning an event with a concentration in weddings and corporate parties.

Is there an in- class version to the online course?

Yes, there is! However, with the onset of COVID 19, it is down until further notice. It will have a class limit of 24 and offered from Mondays to Fridays. It has three sessions in a day and starts from 8am until 7pm. It rans for 5 days. It costs GHC 1,800. A registration fee of GHC 100 has to be paid. A deposit of GHC 1,000 has to be deposited two weeks before it starts and the remaining balance of GHC 800 paid before course starts. Please stay tuned for more information on when the in class can start.

How much is the online course?

It costs GHC 1,500. You can decide to pay it in full or pay in two sessions. Each session costs GHC 750.

Is there a timeline for the online course?

There is no timeline for the online course as students gets to choose the time to complete the full course. Though it is advised that you try to complete the course in at least one month for the full benefits of the course.

What are the benefits of the course?

Students and graduates will have a list of reliable vendors. They will also enjoy a 10% discount on the rental space for Patty’s Events Centre, a 10% on the wedding couple seat and a 10% off karaoke services. For a limited time only, that is from June 1st 2020 to August 15th, 2020, student referrals get GHC 100 compared to non-students.

Once I refer an individual do I automatically get my bonus?

No, once you refer an individual they must sign up or register for the course before you qualify for the bonus. A person who refers a prospective client must be able to provide their full name, email, phone number and city and vice versa.

Are the school fees refundable?

No the fees are not refundable. Once you register and pay for the fees, they are not refundable.

Are the fees for the event space refundable?

To hold your spot an amount of GHC 1,500 is charged and it is nonrefundable if you decide not to use our premises again. Clients may choose to change a date for an administration fee of GHC 100. The remaining balance of GHC 1,500 must be paid two (2) weeks before the date of the event. If an event is booked two weeks to the event date, we shall collect the full amount of the cost. However, if an event is cancelled after booking, clients would be refunded money which is paid over the non-refundable deposit of GHC 1,500. In rare cases where an event is cancelled by us due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund is remitted

Do you take any fees for damages?

A refundable deposit of GHC 700 will be paid in addition to the rental amount. This will be detained against any damages and consequence for non- elimination of event items i.e. décor, accessories, draperies, chairs, tables. No drilling of holes or usage of damaging materials such as nails hard glue should be used. Also, if all event items are not removed on the same day, full deposit of the GHC 700 would not be refunded.

What time can we start our setup?

Setup can start at 6am on day of event.

Can we run our program until 1am?

No the last time it can ran for is 10pm.

Can we leave our items on the event space until the next day?

No, the items must be collected the same day. This is to make time for another scheduled event.

Is the referral bonus international?

NO its valid in Ghana and any other African country where mobile money is possible.

Is the course only for Ghanaians?

Although the referral bonus is valid in certain countries anyone who would love to gain knowledge in event planning may take the course. They have to know that they may not be eligible for the referral bonus or promotion at the moment.

Is it compulsory to register for event membership?

No, it is not but if you do not you will not get the discount. You will be charged at the normal rate.

What are the benefits of registering for the event membership?

There are three types of membership. They are the Bronze, Silver and Gold Memberships. The Bronze Membership costs GHS 1,500 with a discount of 20% and the Silver Membership costs GHS 2,500, the Gold Membership costs GHS 3,500 per year with a discount of 30% per rental space, seat rentals and Game setups.

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