Event Rental Space, Wedding Couple Seat Rental, Event Planning, Event Membership, Online and in Class Event Planning Course.

The season presents a fine opportunity to show appreciation to both internal and external customers and also build customer loyalty which is essential in today’s highly competitive business environment.

If you want to plan an event for your business, customers, families or friends we can provide that.

Event Rental Space

Patty’s Events Centre provides a space for your events.

Couple Seat Rental

Wedding days are only for a day. Make a wedding a day to remember by renting our exquisite couple love seat on your big day.

Event Planners

Have an event? Need it organized? You don’t want the stress? Then call on Patty’s.

Event Membership

Event planner and decorators can apply for a membership of either GHS 1,500(Bronze), GHS 2,500(Silver) or GHS 3,500 (Gold) per year.

The benefits of the membership include a discount on the Patty’s Events Rental Space, Rental Seats and Game Setups.

The discounts are as follows for each level, Bronze members enjoy a discount of 15%, Silver members enjoy a discount of 25%, Gold members enjoy a discount of 35% and Premium members enjoy a discount of 45%.